Dr Susanne Flach | Linguist

Neuchâtel | Switzerland



Flach, Susanne. forthcoming. Serial verb constructions in English: Formal constraints from a usage-based perspective. [Trends in Linguistics; De Gruyter]

Flach, Susanne. accepted. Beyond modal idioms and modal harmony: A corpus-based analysis of gradient idiomaticity in modal–adverb collocations. English Language and Linguistics.

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Hilpert, Martin & Susanne Flach. forthcoming. A case of constructional contamination in English: Modified noun phrases influence adverb placement in the passive. In Marcin Grygiel (ed.), Contrast and analogy in language: Perspectives from Cognitive Linguistics. Amsterdam: John Benjamins.

Stefanowitsch, Anatol & Susanne Flach. in press. “Too big to fail but big enough to pay for their mistakes”: A collostructional analysis of the patterns [too ADJ to V] and [ADJ enough to V]. In Gloria Corpas & Jean Pierre Colson (eds.), Computational and corpus-based phraseology. Amsterdam: John Benjamins.

Smirnova, Elena, Robert Mailhammer & Susanne Flach. in press. The role of atypical combinations in the grammaticalization of passives in German and English. Diachronica.


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