Dr Susanne Flach | Linguist

Zurich | Switzerland


Linguistic data analysis

This three-part tutorial introduces students to working with empirical data in linguistics. The first part focuses on corpus linguistics (CQP), while part two and three focus on data processing and data analysis and are good resources for other types of data as well (survey data, experimental data). The Excel and R tutorials are under construction and will be expanded whenever time allows.

Feel free to contact me with questions and/or suggestions.

CQP Online-Tutorium (German, video list)*
CQP CheatSheet (German, PDF)**
A practical guide (English, PDF)
Excel Working with linguistic data in Excel (English)
R Basics of R & collostructions (English)

* The tutorial works from a command-line interface. If you use CQPweb/BNCweb, see this video on How to use the CQP tutorial in a CQPweb/BNCweb environment (English).

** The info for how to connect to cqp@fu might be obsolete. If you run into problems, please contact your instructor at the FU.