Dr Susanne Flach | Linguist

Zurich | Switzerland


Selected recording of lecture sessions (YouTube playlist).

Universität Zürich
FS2021 Introduction to English Linguistics II (BA, seminar)
Lecture sessions on Phonetics I, Phonetics II, & First Language Acquisition
Methods & Theories (MA, seminar)
HS2020 Introduction to English Linguistics I (BA, seminar)
Lecture sessions on Corpus Linguistics & Data Analysis
Methods & Theories (MA, seminar)
FS2020 Introduction to English Linguistics II (BA, seminar)
Lecture session on First Language Acquisition
Psycholinguistics (BA, seminar)
Universität Leipzig
W2019 History of English (BA, lecture), Empirical methods (BA, elective seminar), Variationist sociolinguistics (MA, seminar), Alternation phenomena (MA, seminar)
Universität Osnabrück
S2019 Corpus approaches to grammar (BA, block seminar)
Université de Neuchâtel
R for linguists
(bi-weekly data analysis workshop)
Freie Universität Berlin
Introductory, intermediate and advanced seminars
for BA/MA students of English Philology:

Introduction to linguistics (11x); Watching English change: Late Modern English; Idioms, collocations, phraseology; Construction Grammar: Argument structure; Cognitive Linguistics; Celtic Englishes; Lexical Semantics
Methods (workshop & lecture/seminar sessions)
2021– apéRo (monthly online stats meeting with PhD students, U Fribourg/Bern/Zurich)
2021 Collostructions: A primer (1/2-day, U Bologna)
2020 Datenwerkstatt mit R (2-day data analysis, U Wien)
Corpus methods (4-day workshop, U Rio de Janeiro) *
Czech Summer School (3 lectures, Charles U Prague) *
2019 Datenwerkstatt mit R (2-day data analysis, U Bern)
Analyse & Statistik (2-day workshop, U Osnabrück)
2017 Collostructional Analysis with R
(CUSO Doctoral workshop, SAUTE 2017, U Neuchâtel)
2014– Ad-hoc teaching in lectures, seminars, colloquia
(Berlin, Neuchâtel):

Corpus Linguistics with CQP, Collostructional Analysis, Data Analysis, Introduction to Probability Theory
CQP on a command line & its use in teaching (invited tutorials; U Wien, U Kiel, U Mainz, LMU München)

* Postponed due to Covid-19