Dr Susanne Flach | Linguist

Zurich | Switzerland



11/2021. Constructions, collocations, communities, Invited talk, UF Rio de Janeiro.

08/2021. Constructional interaction: Beyond alternation?, ICCG11, U Antwerp.

06/2021. With Bert Cappelle & Martin Hilpert. You must / have to choose: How speakers decide between near-synonymous modals, ISLE6, U Joensuu.

06/2021. With Martin Hilpert. Modals in the network model of Construction Grammar, ISLE6, U Joensuu.

06/2021. Deutsch & das Grundgesetz: (Warum) sollten wir das ändern?, Ringvorlesung Sprache & Vorurteil, U Osnabrück.

04/2021. How much of modal auxiliary collocation is psychologically real? Evidence from self-paced reading, SWELL2021, U Zurich.


09/2020. Frequency, co-occurrence, and word duration: An exploration into the multimodality of modal auxiliaries, DGKL9, U Erfurt. (postponed)

08/2020. [Keynote] Recent trends in empirical Cognitive Linguistics, Czech Summer School of Linguistics, U Prague. (postponed)

08/2020. Constructional interaction: Beyond alternation?, ICCG11, U Antwerp. (postponed)

05/2020. [Keynote] Multimodal usage data: What’s in it for usage-based corpus linguistics? ICMC2020, U Osnabrück. (postponed)

04/2020. [Keynote] Collostructions, contexts, communities. Linguistics Prague 2020, U Prague. (postponed)

04/2020. From data to theory and back again: How corpus data help us build and refine theory. Grupo de Estudos Discurso e Gramática, UF Rio de Janeiro (invited, postponed)

03/2020. Das Konstruktikon & Konstruktionelle Interaktion. KxG, U Dresden. (postponed)


12/2019. Formale Beschränkungen aus gebrauchsbasierter Perspektive: Empirische Zugänge. U Erfurt.

08/2019. Changes in argument mapping in the into-causative. ICLC15, Kwansei Gakuin U.

06/2019. [Keynote] Grammaticality: A radically usage-based perspective. Workshop ‘What is grammaticality?’, U Bamberg.

06/2019. Frequency effects and contraction: Which measure? [poster]. Journée recherche SciLac, U Neuchâtel, U Neuchâtel.

05/2019. With Martin Hilpert. Doing unruly things together: Collaborative insubordination. Workshop “Emergent constructions: Big Data in learner language analyses”, U Basel.

03/2019. “And then a mircale occurs!”: Using association plots for studying change and variation, SWELL2019, U Lausanne.

01/2019. Forschungsbasierte Lehre mit CQP: Infrastruktur und Erfahrungen beim Einsatz in der Lehre, U Wien [invited].

01/2019. The into-causative and the passive: Investigating constructional interaction and how to separate 
the wheat from the chaff, U Wien [invited]


12/2018. Revisiting frequency effects on contraction: The role of schema attraction [poster]. ‘Language in mind and brain’, Interdisciplinary Center for Cognitive Language Studies, LMU München.

11/2018. Using association plots to study language change: Distributional shifts in the into-causative’, MA research methods seminar, U Osnabrück [invited, Video].

10/2018. In harmony and beyond: Gradient model–adverb idiomaticity. AELCO2018, U Córdoba.

09/2018. Frequency/acceptability mismatches: Corpus-derived schema compatibility predicts syntactic judgements. DGKL8, U Koblenz.

07/2018. Learning what not to say — but when? A case study in morphological constraint acquisition. ICCG10, U Paris 3. [Video]

07/2018. “Modality on the move”: A distributional-semantic approach to change in paradigms. ICCG10, U Paris 3.

07/2018. Formal constraints in a usage-based perspective: Converging evidence from corpus and experimental methods. UBL4, U Tel Aviv.

06/2018. Constructional interaction and language change: Voice-marking on the into-causative. ICAME39, U Tampere.

04/2018. “What’s that passive doing in my argument structure construction?” A note on constructional interaction, verb classes and related issues. Workshop on constructions, verb classes, and frame semantics. IDS Mannheim.

04/2018. Frequenz, Assoziation und Schemata: Zwei Fallstudien zu syntaktischen Beschränkungen im Gebrauch und Spracherwerb. Deutsches Seminar, U Basel [invited].

03/2018. Go SWELL it, but *She goes swells it: Does corpus distribution predict acceptability judgements? SWELL2018, U Neuchâtel. [Video]


Revisiting change and innovation in the English progressive. Englisches Seminar, U Kiel [invited].

Forschendes Lehren mit CQP: Eine Einführung. Englisches Seminar, U Kiel [invited].

with Martin Hilpert. From big data to small data and back again: Using token-based semantic vector spaces for corpus-linguistic analyses. BICLCE7, U Vigo.

Quantifying qualitative change: Collexeme paradigms and progressive constructionalization. ICLC14, U Tartu.

“We must be born with it … maybe … are we?” A case study in morphological constraint acquisition. Institut für England- & Amerikastudien, U Frankfurt [invited]

Usage frequency & constructional change: Shifts in the history of go-VERB. SAUTE2017, U Neuchâtel.

Was uns Konstruktionsnetzwerke über strukturelle Beschränkungen sagen können. Forschungskolloquium, Deutsches Institut, U Mainz [invited].

Korpus-DIY — Ein Mitmach-Vortrag. Deutsches Institut, Seminar Korpuslinguistik, U Mainz [invited].


Construction semantics & construction frequency: The case of go-VERB. ICEHL19, U Duisburg-Essen.

Der Fuckativ und das Grammatikalitätsurteil. NLK17, U Hamburg.


“Let’s go look at some data!” — Formal constraints, corpus data and linguistic theory. MaLT Symposium, U Bamberg.

Poster with Hendrik De Smet & Jukka Tyrkkö. Introducing CLMET3.1 and the plans for CEM1.0.  From Data to Evidence [d2e], U Helsinki

with Berit Johannsen. Systematicity beyond obligatoriness in the history of the English progressive. ICAME36, U Trier


with Kristin Kopf & Anatol Stefanowitsch. Skandale und Skandälchen kontrastiv: Das Suffix -gate im Deutschen und Englischen. Stiefkinder der Onomastik, U Mainz.

with Stefan Hartmann. New perspectives on subjectification: A corpus-based study on epistemic stance verbs. SLE2014, U Poznań.

with Stefan Hartmann. The rise of epistemic meaning: A corpus-based perspective on subjectification. ICEHL18, KU Leuven.

with Anatol Stefanowitsch: Sprache & Denken. Lange Nacht der Wissenschaften in Berlin & Brandenburg, FU Berlin.

Interpreting the text mine: A cautionary note from (historical) corpus linguistics. Digital Humanities Australasia [DHA2014], UWA Perth.

When modals meet perfects: Combinatorial properties. Research seminar, UWA Perth [invited]

Solving rare phenomena problems with web data? English quasi-serial verb constructions. DGfS36, AG “Web data as a challenge for theoretical linguistics and corpus design”, U Marburg.

Culturomics — Big Data & Bad Linguistics. Seminar Korpuslinguistik diachron, Deutsches Institut, U Mainz [invited]

before 2014

2013. Kombinatorik englischer Modalkonstruktionen. STaPs4, FU Berlin.

2012. Diachrony meets Construction Grammar. STaPs1, Luxemburg.

2010. The definite article in 19th-century Irish English: The role of the referential factor. StuTS47, U Mainz.